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IMG_9916v2.jpg (287466 bytes)



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One of the nicest looking teeth I've ever seen, gorgeous light blue/gray enamel with distinctly orange/tan patches throughout, flawless, absolutely gigantic and pristine serrations, and, a perfect needle tip, and, look at the bourlette! About as good as fossil teeth get, priced accordingly.



img_1573.jpg (201532 bytes)



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Flawless, bright orange Bone Valley, just about as perfect as a tooth can be, and the color, wow! Not huge, but totally killer.



img_0711.jpg (416689 bytes)



4 13/16"

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The world-class shape, clearly an upper principal, (textbook, yet very rare form), the very good size, just under 5", the monster, pristine serrations, the smooth, ultra dense pyrite filled bourlette (You'll likely never see its equal), the killer light brown root with perfect form and rare color, and the insane colors and patterns in the enamel, all add up to one of the most visually striking and impressive river Megs I have ever seen. The diver who found it last year was planning on keeping it in his very small collection, when I say small, I mean like 10 teeth, and he finds a lot of teeth, so, it took a while, and I paid a lot, but, after much whining and begging, I did manage to get it from him, I too was planning on keeping it in my very small collection, but finally decided, with some "help" from my wife, to offer it. It's not cheap, but I promise you, when you see it, you'll know exactly why it's priced where it is. I get a Meg this nice maybe once in a year. I do get my fair share, well, more than my fair share, of killer Megs, and very rarely are they this nice. This is a Meg I would really like to keep, and that's saying something. :)



img_3300.jpg (379378 bytes)


4 15/16"

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BG 432

One of the prettiest 5" Megs you'll come across. Absolutely wonderful, glossy gray and tan enamel, enamel doesn't get any nicer than this. Just a hair under 5", very wide, it's a monster Meg, and yet, it's virtually flawless, with incredibly large and perfect serrations, and, a perfect tip, (the tip has a black spot of color on it, that is not damage, as you can see here View7 ). The tooth also has some flares below the root on each side, indicating this might be an early Miocene Meg. Super wide and dense bourlette. Amazing size, color shape/symmetry and virtually perfect serrations/tip. A total killer. $995


img_2010.jpg (343084 bytes)



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Gorgeous, heavily pyritized Meg from GA. Beautiful colors to the enamel, pyrite in the reddish/brown bourlette, and there are actually molten looking rivulets of pyrite dripping down the entire crown. Very sharp tip, serrations are very sharp, sharper than they seem in the pics. Just a gorgeous and rare pyritized Meg in spectacular condition.



img_5751.jpg (318967 bytes)



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What an absolute screamer! Yes, one nick, but wow, that color! Plus absolutely beautiful form, almost Hubble-ish. Getting a BV with color like this and an intact tip has become all but impossible these days. I had initially thought this to be a Gainesville tooth, but after speaking with the gentleman who personally found it, it's most definitely a Bone Valley, and what a BV it is! If you're a color collector, you should really scoop this one up.



scm009.jpg (144264 bytes)


3 15/16"+

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Just about as fine and visually appealing as a fossil shark tooth gets. Gorgeous blue/gray enamel, with contrasting darker blue areas, amazingly complete bourlette, about the finest possible root, and pretty much the ultimate shape/form. Add pristine, truly razor sharp serrations, many of which are truly gigantic, and you have overall, one of the nicest 4" Megs anywhere.



IMG_5662f.jpg (296385 bytes)


2 5/8"+

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One of the sweetest examples of a transitional Chubutensis I've had in a while, recovered from a SC river. Nearly flawless, large serrations, perfect tip, absolutely breathtaking colors, the quality of the enamel is stunning and gem-like, and, those transitional cusps are just plain incredible! I also love the amazingly perfect root with it's wonderful articulation and form. Just a killer all around, even nicer in person, truly a gem. Whomever gets this one is going to be in shark tooth love. :)



img_9426.jpg (260622 bytes)


3 7/16"

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One of the nicest lowers you'll see from Lee Creek. Beautiful form and color, ultra sharp serrations and tip, white root that looks like it was cast from a mold, just as gem-like as fossil teeth get. As fine as it seems in the pictures, it's actually even nicer in person, just an incredible tooth.




4.75" x 3.65"

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If ever there was a Meg tooth that reminded me of an actual gem, it's this one. Overall, one of the highest quality Megs I have ever seen. Beautiful blue to blue gray enamel with darker blue patterns evident. Best possible bourlette, great root and overall form, and, the serrations and tip are literally flawless, and as sharp and pristine as a fresh tooth. One of my all time favorites, so much so, I recently made it my new header picture on this page. :) Truly about as fine as a fossil shark tooth gets.


img_0559.jpg (320343 bytes)

3 3/8"





Flawless, beautifully colored and formed Lee Creek Chubutensis from the Miocene, Pungo formation in Aurora, NC. About as nice as they get for the locality.





img_0020.jpg (352490 bytes)



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Beautifully formed and colored, heavily serrated Miocene Meg/Chub from the famous May River. Just about as nice as they get. Don't let the relatively small size fool you, this is a major specimen! And really, for a MR Miocene Meg/Chub, it's not even that small. An absolute killer.


5 5/8"+ x 4 1/8"

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One of the most beautiful, very large Megs we've ever come across. And quite possibly the overall finest Meg from Georgia we have seen.

Huge, textbook 1st Anterior, with the classic and sought after, yet quite elusive pointed, heart shape. The best possible shape/form a Meg can have, and on a giant tooth, very tough to get. Gorgeous actual blue streaked enamel, with some almost white areas, notice how the enamel turns almost white near the tip. The enamel is super glossy as well, but naturally glossy, not polished.

The root is equally impressive, a rich, smooth chocolate brown color, and it has amazing form and articulation, about the nicest root I've seen on a large Meg.

The serrations are small, but super sharp, and a good 97% complete, the tip is sharp and perfect!

The bourlette has a flake, but is as dense as can be and very attractive.

You'll have a very tough time finding a nicer looking Meg this size from any locality, I'd put its beauty and rarity right up there with Lee Creek and Bone Valley, and arguably, this one is even rarer as you just don't see teeth like this from GA.



4 5/8"

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What can I say about this SC Meg, it is definitely one of the finest I have ever seen. Serrations as sharp, fresh and pristine as a modern Great White tooth, I'd say 99+% with maybe 2 or 3 micros barely visible, an absolutely flawless, needle-like tip serration, a bourlette that will truly astound you, I have seen some great bourlettes, and this one is as fine as I have seen, if you are a bourlette fan like I am, you will be blown away by this one, its density and quality are just phenomenal, it's like thick black paint, but of course it's not. :) 

Add a perfect, smooth chocolate brown root with just textbook form, and, the 2 tiny bits of enamel recession on each side are both actually filled with natural, golden metallic pyrite, always a welcome and rare addition to any tooth, as well, there is pyrite sprinkled about the brown root. The enamel is as rich and glossy as it gets, and the shape and overall form of the tooth simply cannot be improved upon. If you want one of the world's best examples of an upper anterior, well, it's right here, a bit pricey for the size, but you just won't find better at any price, don't take my word for it, just look. :) Money gladly refunded if you don't agree 100%.



Picture 421.jpg (243658 bytes)


4 1/16"

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Giant, true Chubutensis, with clear remnants of cusps, absolutely mind boggling colors, ranging from blue to gray to a very rich tan, great root and bourlette, serrations are monsters, and the tip is sharp. About as fine a large Chub as you'll find. Super rare and beautiful specimen from SC.


Picture 381v2.jpg (426240 bytes)


4 1/8"

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The eye appeal and gem quality of this SC Meg is just incredible, take a look for yourself, about as well preserved a tooth as you'll find in water, rivals the best land teeth for sheer quality and beauty.


img_9897.jpg (326887 bytes)


4.77" x 3.9" Wide

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M0777G The pictures should readily confirm what I'm about to tell you, this is hands down, one of the overall finest, best preserved Meg teeth I have ever come across. The serrations show absolutely not a hint of wear, it's literally like the tooth fell out of the shark today, they are huge and sharp as the serrations you find on fresh teeth, and, there's not one damaged serration. As well, the tip isn't just perfect, it is one of the largest, best formed tips I have seen, a perfect 3 pronged tip that sticks way, WAY out, I took a good close up to show this. The enamel happens to be just beautiful, with no peel, and has some blue to it, as well as some tan. The root is as well formed as I have seen, and, finally, the bourlette is so wide, dense and perfect it's like a Meg tooth dream come true. And, all this on a tooth close to 5" long, by an incredible near 4" wide! Folks, they really just don't get better than this, and priced accordingly. SOLD


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